Kevin Gets a USB HSDPA Modem

August 15, 2007

Kevin Tofel at jkOnTheRun just left the AT&T store with a spanking new Sierra Wireless 875U Aircard. He will be using it in his Samsung Q1P.
This is very interesting since I’ve been looking into a dedicated WWAN data solution as well. His initial impression is that it’s bigger than he expected.
Since we use basically the same device (I have the Celeron version while he has the Pentium with the nicer screen), it seems our needs mirror each other at times. I will be following closely to Kevin’s thoughts on this device and WWAN use in general.


Kevin made a quick YouTube video showing off the device and it’s HUGE.

He’s getting nice speed with it, around 1.2 Mbps. He also mentions this is faster than what he was getting from EVDO but I suspect that is because he might have been using EVDO Rev.0. I read the performance of the newer EVDO Rev.A cards are getting around the 1.2Mbps range.
I also suspect the OQO2’s EVDO card is EVDO Rev.0 as well.

I was thinking of getting Sierra Wireless 595U which is the Sprint EVDO version of the 875U. They are basically identical. I cannot get HSDPA in my area at the moment. I hear it’s rolling out in January but that’s January. So if I’m going WWAN right now, I’d most likely go with Sprint.

I’m not sure if I would walk around with that huge brick hanging on to the side of my Q1. I’d probably put it in the cradle.. but then I might as well tether in the first place since it’s the same terms of bulk and wires cluttering up the area.

The utility of WWAN is still appealing though. I read somewhere on Howard Forums, you get much higher data rate with a dedicated WWAN card than with tethering. It most likely deals with the network itself. Also, it’s nice to be able to use your phone while online. That’s one thing that frustrated me with tethering. If I needed to use the phone, I had to disconnect and lose the internet connection to make a call.


4 Responses to “Kevin Gets a USB HSDPA Modem”

  1. Steve Paine Says:

    I’m tempted to take the Q1B apart now to check out the HSDPA modem. Especially as I want it in the Everun!

    Decisions decisions.


  2. rodfather Says:

    I say do it. It shouldn’t all that difficult to remove it from the Q1B and it’s easy to stick in the Everun. Plus, you use the Everun a lot more these days I take it.

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  4. […] responded to my blog post on my thoughts on Kevin’s posts by saying he’s tempted to open up the […]

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