Journey To The Happy Dance

August 16, 2007

It all started with my comment on Kevin Tofel’s blog post Eight minutes with the 875U AirCard.  I mention in one of the comments that Steve should open up his Samsung Q1B and take pictures.  This may be handy in case I wanted to attempt removing the mini PCI Express HSDPA module from the Sierra 875U HSDPA USB modem and sticking it in a normal Q1 or Q1P.

Steve responded to my blog post on my thoughts on Kevin’s posts by saying he’s tempted to open up the Q1B and remove the HSDPA module and stick it into the Raon Digital Everun.

Well I notice in the latest posts on UMPC Portal, Steve is doing a live webcast of his attempt to move the HSDPA module from the Q1B to the Everun.

I end up showing up late.  It’s already about 2 hours into the show and the vibe is very dismal.  Steve can’t get the darn thing to work.  He has been trying for 2 hours when NorthRebel in the chat mentions something…  Happy dance ensues.  Here’s a 5 minute snippet of the show.  Posted by jkkmobile.


If you are courageous enough to see the entire 271 minutes of the show
want to watch a Q1B cracked open, wine, and madness, want to watch a very informative video on the innards of UMPC’s and a true test of patience,you can see it here.

So yes, if you are ever having trouble getting your HSDPA module working, it’s best to try to actually turn it on first.  šŸ™‚  I have a feeling Steve is going to blame this one on James Kendrick again.


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