Total Cost for Kohjinsha SH6 If I Ordered Today

August 18, 2007

I still haven’t made a decision on my next UMPC but I wanted to see how much it would actually cost for me to order and upgrade a Kohjinsha SH6. 

I went to and went through the checkout process.  My order was a SH6, Black, 40GB, 512KB RAM, Vista Home, no DVD’s, and an extended battery.  Basically, the lowest priced configuration plus the extended battery.

I figured I could upgrade the RAM and hard drive myself.  If I were to buy from Conics, I’d like the total cost to be as low as possible due to shipping and Pay Pal charges.  The total ended up $1193.05.

I then went to and did the same with a 2 GB RAM stick and a 2.5″ 160GB PATA drive.  The total cost for that with shipping would be $228.05.

So for a SH6 with 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, it would cost $1421.10.  I would be left with a 512MB RAM stick and a 40GB hard drive after all is said and done.  I would probably install Vista Business since I can get that from work for free.  Or maybe try installing the XP Tablet Edition recovery disk for the Samsung Q1.


Now, if I chose to buy a 32GB SSD drive instead (at moment, going for $649 at  Wow that’s expensive), the total from would be $823.92 for grand total of $2016.97. 

That’s a bit too much for me.  But let’s say I went the same route but ordered through Conics.  SH6, Black, 32GB SSD, 2 GB RAM upgrade, Vista Premium, and the extended battery.


10 Responses to “Total Cost for Kohjinsha SH6 If I Ordered Today”

  1. crisp Says:

    but you cant put 160GB in a SH6 (biggest drive i know about is 100GB), and if you were to put 160 into a Kohjinsa then why not put a 200GB in instead?

    I have the kohjinsa (old model – bad keyboard) and its a nice device, and am waiting on the everrun.

    Or wait for prices to drop and get both? But dont overspec them – you dont need 160G in a kohjinsa – 40G is adequate (i put videos to watch on mine and with 80G, its overkill).

    good luck!

  2. rodfather Says:

    I can put in a 160GB hard drive if I crack it open and swap it myself. :p
    For now, the biggest hard drive you can stick in the Kohjinsha (as far as I know) is 160GB since it uses a PATA interface. The highest for a Serial ATA 2.5″ is 250GB.
    One of the things that appeals me about the Kohjinsha is the 2.5″ hard drive. So since it’s there, might as well stick in the biggest one I can get my hands on.
    then I would be able to stick my entire music and video library on there for iTunes syncing with the iPhone.
    But then again, if they had put in a 1.8″ hard drive instead, then maybe they could have made room for a WWAN card.
    I do see your point on keeping costs down though and having a 40GB hard drive isn’t all that bad since my Samsung Q1’s hard drive is 40GB. But for less than $100 to upgrade to 160GB’s is a no brainer.

  3. Steve Paine Says:

    This sounds a litle expensive but remember its an import. There is a localised vesion apearing in the uk now and if this makes it through to the u.s. retail channels i think you will see some cheaper prices.

  4. rodfather Says:

    I hope so.. and with the slightly faster processor, fixed wifi issues, and better battery life.
    Data Evolution rebranded the SA1 for the US. Hopefully they will carry the SH6 and bring down the price.

  5. pugleon Says:

    D-Evol will carry an SH6 model. Think they are just waiting on some bugs to be worked out re: battery life on a standard 3 cell.

    Depending on where you are based importing could work out very expensive with duty/tax. And you arent going to have a localised keyboard. Trust me when I say Japanese Keyboard local… you may never get used to

  6. rodfather Says:

    That’s promising. As you can see from the screenshots, it can get expensive to get it over here.
    I may end up getting one anyway and letting my mom use it since she can read Japanese and wants to take some basic computer classes. We shall see how strong my patience is.

  7. KG Tee Says:

    I read somewhere opening up the KJS requires a little bit of skill and is not straightforward. So upgrading the hard disk pose some risks. If not done properly, the unit may just end up a piece of junk easily.

  8. Happy Owner Says:

    It’s a fair price for a Kohjinsha SH6. I love it from the day they sent me the unit. The localized versions feels different somehow. I like the Japanese Kohjinshas better. Compared to my other UMPCs, it’s currently the best. I was going to say that my Everun is the best but with SH6, you get the keyboard, a great screen (the best) and all. Can’t wait to buy the SH8 although there’s not much difference with the SH6. So is it worth it? Yes.

  9. rodfather Says:

    Thanks for the feedback.
    The SH8 or Vye Mini-v S37 is still on the top of my list. I’m worried about not getting used the Japanese keyboard, so I’m leaning toward the Vye and Dynamism just lowered the price on their site to $1279. The Vye Mini-v S37 is basically a SH8 with a 120GB hard drive, 800Mhz processor, extended battery, and english keyboard.
    If I buy the SH8 through Conics, after shipping and import fee’s, it may end up more than the Vye.

    BTW, I moved the blog to but keeping this site up to transition to it.

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