JKK’s Kohjinsha SH6 Video Review

August 20, 2007

It’s up! He did an excellent job going over the device and voicing his concerns. A must see if you are thinking of purchasing the SH6.

Here’s a reply I posted in the Origami Project forums:

Just watched it. Very nice.
I’m sold. Very surprised how responsive the system was loading apps. Must be a combo of the 2GB RAM and fast hard drive. I was even more surprised how Media Center performed. Much more responsive than my Q1.
It’s too bad the thumbstick is hard.., but to even have 3 ways of controlling the mouse (touchscreen, track stick, and touchpad), it’s really flexible.
Too bad there’s no HSDPA/EVDO option. That’s one thing I really want. I can probably deal with a USB solution. Or if I’m really daring, replace the wifi mini PCI express card with a HSDPA/EVDO module and see if a SDIO or CF wifi card will work.

I’m sold but will wait until the end of the month. If an 800Mhz version comes out by then, we shall see, but I’m sure I will be satisfied with 600Mhz just from the video. I’ll email Data Evolution and ask if they will be carrying a US version of it. Maybe the battery life issues will be solved and I can use a US keyboard.

Anyway, here it is.


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