ProClip Not Making a Q1 Cradle

August 20, 2007

Just received an email from ProClip. I remember being included in an email list in case they ever release a cradle for the Samsung Q1.

Dear Customer:

We are sorry to say that we will not be making a holder for the Samsung Q1.

Due to an overwhelming request, worldwide, to develop all different kinds of holders/mounts, we must prioritize. Depending on the “life-span” of this device, we may decide to develop a holder at a much later time.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope that we can provide mounting solutions, in the future, for your other devices.

Best Regards,

ProClip USA Customer Service
Toll free: +1 800-296-3212
Fax: +1 608-838-8949

This is a bit unfortunate. I did end up buying a cradle from RAMMount months ago and using the ProClip car mount to install the cradle. The thing is, it’s built for a Q1 with the 3-cell battery. Since I’m always using the 6-cell, it has become basically useless. I was hoping ProClip would make a better solution.


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