jkOnTheRun: How often do you use your Tablet as a Tablet?

August 21, 2007

Kevin Tofel posted an interesting topic on jkOnTheRun. He has made it clear the past year he’s an inker and uses the Samsung Q1P mostly with the pen. He also carries a bluetooth keyboard in case he wants to do some typing.

“Although I use multiple devices, my primary mobile device continues to be the Samsung Q1P. If had to guess about my own usage, I’d estimate 80% of the time is spent using it as a slate Tablet while 20% of the time, I use it with a Bluetooth keyboard. Actually, this post was entered in ink with the TIP, so make that 81/19. ;)”

What’s really interesting is the comments in the post.   Andrew has a convertible but uses it 100% in slate mode..

While Jenn of pocketables has a slate with but uses the keyboard 100% of the time..

As for me, I’m split.  I like using both.  Just that I’m not a fan of using the TIP & handwriting for character input.

It just goes to show, each and every one of us uses PC’s differently and I’m glad there’s such a variety of form factors to choose from.  Choosing a computer is a personal choice and there will never be one computer perfect for everyone.



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