Vye Mini-v S37 (Kohjinsha SH6) Available in the US?

August 26, 2007

I found the Vye USA site which seems to be a US distributor of Vye Computers in the UK.  They recently rebranded the Kohjinsha PC’s.  Snave of My Kohjinsha was able to get a hold of one and posted his impressions.

What’s interesting are the specs on the site:


The differences from the SH6:

  • 800Mhz A110 processor instead of the 600Mhz A100
  • 120GB hard drive instead of 100GB
  • USA Keyboard
  • Extended 6 Cell Battery

On the products page, it’s being listed for $1349.  With shipping, add an extra $42.

When I tried to go through the checkout,  it redirected to Pal Pal for payment.

I emailed Vye USA on availability and I hope to get an answer soon.

UPDATE (9/3/07):
vyeusa.com has updated their homepage. The Vye Mini-v S37 will be available September 17th in the US.

Dynamism.com has the S37 listed on the site.
There is no price set. The dimensions and weight are a bit smaller/lighter than the SH6 which is odd. The specs show it has the Japanese keyboard instead of the USA keyboard.

From Dynamism.com:

Vye S37

8.58 x 6.42 x 1.0 [inch]
218 x 163 x 25.4[mm]
2.17 lbs / 985 g
Standard Battery: 5.0 hours
84 Key QWERTY Japanese

Kohjinsha SH6

8.58 x 6.42 x 1.0 [inch]
227 x 170 x 25.4[mm]
2.2 lbs / 993 g
Standard Battery: 3.5 hours
Enhanced Battery: 7.0 hours
84 Key QWERTY Japanese

UPDATE (9/3/07):
So I email dynamism.com today asking about the Vye S37 availability, price, keyboard, and extended battery..
I haven’t received a response which has been typical of vendors, but, I just noticed a change in the website.

  • $1349
  • Shipping mid to late September
  • 6-cell extended battery included
  • 84 key QWERTY keyboard (English) – Not exactly sure what that means but hoping it’s a USA keyboard

UPDATE (9/4/07):
I received an email back from Jeff of dynamism.com. He confirmed the Vye S37 will come with the extended battery and have an english keyboard. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a USA keyboard so we shall see. He doesn’t know if the Vye logo will be on the back of the screen since they haven’t received a demo unit yet. I’m very happy I received a reply. Brownie points for dynamism.


3 Responses to “Vye Mini-v S37 (Kohjinsha SH6) Available in the US?”

  1. Janet Says:

    http://www.Dynamism.com has the VYE S37 available for pre-order, no price listed, but you call call Dynamism for info, I think they are out of Chicago, Ill, CNET has referenced Dynamism as a reputable reseller. I have purchased from Dynamism, they have provided fantastic support & great customer service.

  2. Rick77 Says:

    My S37 is in the house!!!!

  3. well.. it’s like I knew!

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