Samsung announces 3 new Q1U models.. no 4th?

August 28, 2007

From Engadget:

“While they aren’t updates on the order of the refresh to the original Q1, Samsung has apparently decided that it was time to give the Q1 Ultra a bit more company, with it today announcing not one, but three new models. On the low end of the lot, the Q1U-ELXP gets a 600MHz A100 Ultra Mobile processor and a 40GB hard drive with a list price of $999. Taking things up a notch, the $1149 Q1U-XP boasts a 800MHz A110 processor and an 80GB hard drive, while the $1649 Q1U-SSDXP unit packs the same processor and a speedier but pricier 32GB NAND flash drive. From the looks of it, all the other specs remain the same as the standard Q1 Ultra, with Windows XP Tablet Edition serving as the OS. From the sound of it, all three should be available from the all usual sources immediately.”

Anyone see anything missing?

That’s right. Where’s the Q1U-CMXP? The HSDPA version of the Q1U with Windows XP.
I checked and it’s still listed..

Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get some HSDPA goodness here.

DigitalTechNew via


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