What’s the wear level of your battery?

September 3, 2007

It’s not much of a secret for Q1 owners that the battery wear rate of the lithium batteries are horrible.  It’s expected that lithium batteries wear down over time due to factors of age and heat.  With the Q1, the rate at which they deteriorate is much higher.  I don’t know much about battery technology so I don’t know if it’s the circuitry in the Q1 or the batteries itself that causes the problem. 

Granted, I use my Q1 all the time. It’s almost always on and, most of the time, plugged into the AC adapter.
I have NHC (Notebook Hardware Control) installed and checked the status of my 3-cell and 6-cell batteries. The 3-cell is a year old but I haven’t been using it much the past 6 months since I bought the 6-cell. The past 6 months, I’ve almost exclusively gone with the 6 cell.

Here’s what the wear levels are at today.



As you can see, my battery life sucks at the moment. 

 The wear level of the 3-cell is at a whopping 57%.  At no wear, I could get around 2 1/2 hours of use.  Now, it’s less than an hour.  One interesting note is the last time I checked the wear level, it was at 50%.  So for the last 4-6 months, it added 7% wear level just sitting there doing nothing.

The 6-cell is at 28% already.  At no wear, it’s expected to get around 4 hours of use.  Now with 28% of the capacity gone, I can expect around 3 hours now.

I’m hoping my next device doesn’t deteriorate its batteries so fast.  I’m already thinking of getting another 6-cell battery to replace the already worn out one I’m using.  I didn’t expect to continue buying new batteries every 6-months.


17 Responses to “What’s the wear level of your battery?”

  1. MathProfJohnson Says:

    WOW… that is outrageous. I just bought a new 6cell battery for the Q1U and I have two 6-cell batteries and a standard battery for the UX280 and I plan to check both. Buying a new battery does seem outrageous, particularly at Sony prices! At least the Samsung batteries are only $99.

  2. […] Tofel and Rodfather have been blogging about wear and tear on Ultra-Mobile PC batteries. And if you don’t know, […]

  3. […] Tofel and Rodfather have been blogging about wear and tear on Ultra-Mobile PC batteries. And if you don’t know, […]

  4. Daemon82 Says:

    I got my ASUS A3E two years ago, sept. 2005.
    It’s an 8 cell, with 21% wear level by now. ( I do not know fast did it get to this level, I have just installed Notebook Hardware Monitor)

    I use it mainly on power supply, all time running, but about 2-3 (max 5) times a week almost a full discharge surfing from a hotspot.

  5. SamaraRegion Says:

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  7. whackpak Says:

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  11. Jon Says:

    Woah, you have it bad!

    My Phillips 3-cell battery is nearly 15 months old now, and it’s only deteriorated by <10% – maybe 15-20 minutes on a full charge (down to 2:40 from just over 3 hours).

    Usually on, usually plugged in.

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  13. neopromo Says:

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  14. my blog Says:

    My battery wear level 15% after 8 month. is it normal or bad ?

  15. FIRE@will [DE] Says:

    I came here to learn what a wear level is, luckily you said “Now with 28% of the capacity gone” 🙂

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