Dreading iPod News / New Stylus

September 4, 2007

Dreading iPod News / New Stylus
I’m almost dreading reading all my
Google reader feeds and twitter posts
tomorrow since it’s iPod announcement
day. I have a feeling it’s going to be a
ooo’s and aah’s or a bitching and moaning
So what’s my prediction?
It will be like the Sansa Connect
but less use of Wifi. You will
be able to listen to internet radio
and only have the option to tag
the song to later purchase on
iTunes. No direct downloading. No
syncing through Wifi. No browser.
Just radio.
If you haven’t realized. My
handwriting is all over the place
today. This is because I’m trying
a new stylus. I picked up a
pair of Nintendo DS pens which
also included some screen protectors.
I dont know if I like this. It’s
pretty thick and it slides too
smooth on the screen. Writing on
a slippery touchscreen surface
isn’t easy. The tip is very fat too
so it’s not as precise as the
included stylus. I’ll practice more
and see if I get used to it.


3 Responses to “Dreading iPod News / New Stylus”

  1. Hi Rodfather. What ink blogging editor are you using?

  2. Benz145 Says:

    I’m actually pretty excited to hear what Sony has to say. I do hate how EVERYONE makes way too big of a deal when Apple announces stuff, I hate seeing reports about the iPhone on the nightly news just because its an Apple thing. I’m interested in hearing about the new product and hopefully avoiding most of the drama.

  3. rodfather Says:

    I’m using Windows Journal, Paint.net, and Windows Live Writer. Funny you ask since someone emailed last night asking how to post an ink blog with lines.

    Here are my steps:
    After you’re done inking with Windows Journal, do Select Page and copy.
    If you paste right into Windows Live Writer, you’ll just get ink with no lines.
    Paste into an image editor such as MS Paint or paint.net.
    Then from your image editor, copy the image.
    Finally, paste into Live Writer. It’ll show up with the lines.
    Or you can skip Live Writer and just save the image and upload it.

    After the image is in place and resized to the original, I go back to Windows Journal and do “Copy as Text..” After correcting all the errors, I paste the text in Live Writer under the ink.

    I created a Windows Journal template that works well with my blog. It’s set to 5″ width. Whenever I need to make more room, I go under Page Setup and increase the height.
    You can grab it here.

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