Silverlight 1.0 is out and supports Linux

September 4, 2007

Scott Hanselman just blogged Silverlight 1.0 is out.

“..Silverlight 1.0 is officially released as of 9pm PST and surprise! It will formally support Linux (screenshots) as Moonlight via a partnership with Novell in the coming months. You can see an interview with Brian Goldfarb, the Group PM, about this at Wired also has the scoop. ..”

This tells me this is good news for mobile devices. With UMPC’s & MID’s leaning toward Linux, this could bring a rich internet experience to small devices.
Intel’s latest low powered A100 & A110 (Stealey) processors has caused some concern since the performance in Vista is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t look like the trend will change either since we will see even lower powered processors (Menlow) with most likely no gain in performance. So it seems Linux for small handheld devices is the way to go as demonstrated by the Nokia N800. It’ll be worth checking out how Ubuntu Mobile is progressing as well.

A Menlow device + Linux + Silverlight +  iTunes sounds like crazy talk.

Scott Hanselman’s blog Via Josh Bancroft’s tweet


One Response to “Silverlight 1.0 is out and supports Linux”

  1. Benz145 Says:

    So whats he deal with Silverlight? Is it Microsofts answer to flash after all these years? Sounds like they finally realized that flash has a lot of power and that they wanted in on some of the market share.

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