More HTC Shift details

September 8, 2007


More HTC Shift Details
Kaz 911 has provided more specs and
photos of the HTC Shift. It’s looking
the WM6 side will be very limited
with only mail and calendar.
I’ve said it before. Did HTC blow it
including WM6? Instead of
including a half-ass Windows Mobile
device which in turn, created a half
ass Vista device by supplying a
native 800×480 screen to accommodate
Windows Mobile’s max 640×480 resolution,
I’m beginning to realize they should have
just left out WM6, add a 1024×600
screen, and focus on optimizing Vista.
I’ll still monitor the Shift, but it seems
I’m getting more and more disappointed
as info trickles in.

Link to Specs
Link to Photos


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