Fujitsu U810 = Small Wonder?

September 10, 2007


Remember that robot sitcom back when?  I remember the other kid with the cheeks sort of looked like Billy Corgan.  Well, looks like Fujitsu has claimed the name saying it’s “All the functionality.  Half the size.”

Anyway, it’ll go for around $1000 arriving mid-September.

I have a feeling it’ll go for slightly more.  I’ve made it no secret I’m not much of a fan of this.  It appears to be small but it has a lot of bulk due to that hinge.  Small screen.  The keyboard is pretty much useless to me.  I doubt I could 10 finger touch type on that.  It would drive me crazy using the function key to access the directional arrow keys and function keys.  Where’s the TAB key?  If it’s not going to look like a convertible with a usable touch keyboard, it better be usable.  Otherwise, you might as well dump it, save some space, and make it a slate.  I don’t see myself pulling out full sized bluetooth keyboard with a convertible sitting in front of me.

I’m sure it’ll be a solid.  It would make a nice light weight, Onenote notetaking device in slate mode.


Via Gear Diary


3 Responses to “Fujitsu U810 = Small Wonder?”

  1. tory Says:

    I have one and love it. 5.6″ of screen isn’t a 7″ wonder, but it makes the unit narrow enough to comfortably thumb type on it – plus I love the high resolution.

    No, you’re not intended to sit it on a desk and 10-finger type. It’s designed to maximize usability without resorting to having to set it down to use the keyboard.

    FN+Key for the arrows and tabs sucks, but keytweak handily solves that. Now I FN+key for the rarely used brackets instead, and I have a period and tab key to either side of my spacebar.

    I’ll forgive the thickness because I’m a huge fan of the clamshell form factor (My other handheld is a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000)

    The big hinge area makes it very comfortable to hold steady in tablet mode – I’ve absolutely no fear of it slipping and falling. Plus the extended battery gives me a solid 5hr battery life.

    It is definitely “to each his own”, but I want something that I can use on the bus or plane, without giving up my keyboard.

  2. rodfather Says:

    I can definitely see a use for on-the-go situations. It has good portability and enough keys for light typing like IM’s. It would be a great device for while I’m sitting the car.
    Internal WWAN would’ve been nice.
    I’m in productivity mode for choosing my next device though, so I need it for work which requires a full keyboard.
    The U1010 would make a nice companion device.
    It’d be interesting choice between that and an Everun, HTC Advantage, iPod Touch/iPhone, OQO2, FlipStart, and all the MID’s coming out. Lot’s of choices.

  3. Ak Says:

    I have one and find it great. Its 800Mhz processor isn’t fast. But it isn’t too slow either. The keyboard is cramped by much better than those thumboards. Its pretty fast to type on too. Too big to fit in most of my pockets though. It fits in one of my trousers though….and feels like its gonna make my pants fall down!…..

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