Outside the Bowling Alley

September 12, 2007


Outside The Bowling Alley
Just chillin in one of the chairs
outside the bowling alley. I’m in
the shade with full brightness and
it’s easy to read. I’d like something
a lot brighter though.
Just took this
pic w/ Blackjack
and sent over bluetooth.
I’m trying not to use
the keyboard today. Just use
the tip or ink 🙂


More HTC Shift details

September 8, 2007


More HTC Shift Details
Kaz 911 has provided more specs and
photos of the HTC Shift. It’s looking
the WM6 side will be very limited
with only mail and calendar.
I’ve said it before. Did HTC blow it
including WM6? Instead of
including a half-ass Windows Mobile
device which in turn, created a half
ass Vista device by supplying a
native 800×480 screen to accommodate
Windows Mobile’s max 640×480 resolution,
I’m beginning to realize they should have
just left out WM6, add a 1024×600
screen, and focus on optimizing Vista.
I’ll still monitor the Shift, but it seems
I’m getting more and more disappointed
as info trickles in.

Link to Specs
Link to Photos

Dreading iPod News / New Stylus
I’m almost dreading reading all my
Google reader feeds and twitter posts
tomorrow since it’s iPod announcement
day. I have a feeling it’s going to be a
ooo’s and aah’s or a bitching and moaning
So what’s my prediction?
It will be like the Sansa Connect
but less use of Wifi. You will
be able to listen to internet radio
and only have the option to tag
the song to later purchase on
iTunes. No direct downloading. No
syncing through Wifi. No browser.
Just radio.
If you haven’t realized. My
handwriting is all over the place
today. This is because I’m trying
a new stylus. I picked up a
pair of Nintendo DS pens which
also included some screen protectors.
I dont know if I like this. It’s
pretty thick and it slides too
smooth on the screen. Writing on
a slippery touchscreen surface
isn’t easy. The tip is very fat too
so it’s not as precise as the
included stylus. I’ll practice more
and see if I get used to it.

I haven’t heard much news about the the TabletKiosk TufTab v7112 lately.  Here are some snippets from the site that’s catching my attention.

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OLPC Reviewed By Children

August 14, 2007

OLPC Reviewed By Children
Found a cool
article on Slashdot.
From the look
on this kid’s face.
he loves the OLPC.
I hope this project
works out.
What’s interesting,
the use of this device requires no
training. Kids are able to pick this up
right away and learn how to use
it within minutes.
They can even swap the motherboard
themselves! (see Youtube video)


OLPC News via Slashdot

Maybe I can do better at ink blogging… by using photos as my ink canvas.

For this, I’m using the iPhone to take the photo. Emailed the photo to myself. Inked on the photo using paint.net. Emailed the edited photo to flickr where it ends up cross posted to this blog.

Edit: Well, this is going to take some work. Tried three times before I could successfully get Flickr to crosspost this entry.

Let’s ink

August 12, 2007

Let’s Ink
How to kick off a new tech
blog? By inking of course! I’m
sitting outside chillin with the
Samsung Q1. Hopefully within the
coming months, I will upgrade to
a new device. I’ll make sure to blog
my decision-making steps.