Outside the Bowling Alley

September 12, 2007


Outside The Bowling Alley
Just chillin in one of the chairs
outside the bowling alley. I’m in
the shade with full brightness and
it’s easy to read. I’d like something
a lot brighter though.
Just took this
pic w/ Blackjack
and sent over bluetooth.
I’m trying not to use
the keyboard today. Just use
the tip or ink 🙂


It’s finally come. Steve will go on a grueling journey in a test of will and power. He will be powering his devices using the Sun while he rides his bike across Germany.

“..I want to start on Sunday 26th of August and go through to 3rd Sept where I will finish on the Rheinufer (Rhein River promenade) in Duesseldorf and drink a huge Krystalweizen beer!”

During breaks, he will be blogging updates, taking photos, and updating a google maps mashup using GPS datalogged tracks and geotagged photos. His main device will be the Samsung Q1B.

This is definite must see and hope he is safe during the entire journey. If you haven’t visited The Solar UMPC Blog, I’d suggest reading Steve’s articles from the beginning to get a background to all the steps it took to get to this moment.



August 15, 2007

Kevin wanted to bowl. Last time before knee surgery.

Vlogging pioneer Steve Garfield put up a YouTube video showing a step by step tutorial on how to edit and send video with the Nokia N95.
Very impressive.

Maybe I can do better at ink blogging… by using photos as my ink canvas.

For this, I’m using the iPhone to take the photo. Emailed the photo to myself. Inked on the photo using paint.net. Emailed the edited photo to flickr where it ends up cross posted to this blog.

Edit: Well, this is going to take some work. Tried three times before I could successfully get Flickr to crosspost this entry.