Twitter Adds Search

August 22, 2007

Twitter finally adds some search features to the site.  Now you can take your stalking to a whole new level.


The running joke on Twitter is that Facebook is like a black hole or a roach motel.  Content goes in, but doesn’t come out.
Well, it looks like that has changed today.  I noticed this tweet from Josh Bancroft this morning saying the Notifications has an RSS feed.

  Lo and behold, it’s there.  Good times.

Yep, another. If Twitter, Jaiku, or Pownce never did it for you, maybe Yappd will.

The difference here is that you can send picture messages and you can use up to 150 characters (!).

Well, I had to sign up to try. Look me up if you sign up.


Link via Mashable

I’ve tried in the past as an easy way to post a message to Twitter, Jaiku, or even my blog, through your favorite instant messenger service. So far, they support using AIM, MSN (Live Messenger), or GTalk/Jabber to update your favorite social network.

They have just added a widget for Pownce which is a nice addition. I checked their widget list and it has grown considerably since the last time I’ve use it. If you are a heavy instant messenger user, it’s worth checking out.

Via Mashable