Outside the Bowling Alley

September 12, 2007


Outside The Bowling Alley
Just chillin in one of the chairs
outside the bowling alley. I’m in
the shade with full brightness and
it’s easy to read. I’d like something
a lot brighter though.
Just took this
pic w/ Blackjack
and sent over bluetooth.
I’m trying not to use
the keyboard today. Just use
the tip or ink 🙂


JKK hacks the Amtek T770 UMPC

September 12, 2007

JKK has done it again.  This time he built his own stand, swapped the 2.5″ hard drive for SSD by installing a CF to IDE adapter,  and best of all, hacked in a HSDPA module.  Very impressive.

With some double sided tape, extra power from the hard drive cable, and a custom antennae, he was able to install the HSDPA module he grabbed from his external Zadacom 3G+ modem.

He’s getting around 10-15%  improved battery life with the CF card and HSDPA module.  He reports the Wifi connection using more power than the HSDPA module as one of the factors.


Fujitsu U810 = Small Wonder?

September 10, 2007


Remember that robot sitcom back when?  I remember the other kid with the cheeks sort of looked like Billy Corgan.  Well, looks like Fujitsu has claimed the name saying it’s “All the functionality.  Half the size.”

Anyway, it’ll go for around $1000 arriving mid-September.

I have a feeling it’ll go for slightly more.  I’ve made it no secret I’m not much of a fan of this.  It appears to be small but it has a lot of bulk due to that hinge.  Small screen.  The keyboard is pretty much useless to me.  I doubt I could 10 finger touch type on that.  It would drive me crazy using the function key to access the directional arrow keys and function keys.  Where’s the TAB key?  If it’s not going to look like a convertible with a usable touch keyboard, it better be usable.  Otherwise, you might as well dump it, save some space, and make it a slate.  I don’t see myself pulling out full sized bluetooth keyboard with a convertible sitting in front of me.

I’m sure it’ll be a solid.  It would make a nice light weight, Onenote notetaking device in slate mode.


Via Gear Diary

USB WWAN Modem Roundup

September 10, 2007

I’ve been looking into WWAN solutions for a while now and Kevin Tofel’s poll WWAN choices: what’s your preferred form factor? got me thinking again. Most likely, I will go the USB route because as it stands now, I am doubting I will be going for the HTC Shift which has internal HSDPA. If I go with the Kohjinsha SH8 or Vye S37, I will be stuck with a USB solution. I have said in the past, I’m done with tethering. I’d rather have the convenience of a dedicated WWAN connection. From one of my first posts, In Search of my Next UMPC.. Intro, I explain the reason tethering is not for me anymore.

I’m at the bowling and as you can see from the above picture, it’s a bit ridiculous to get everything set up.
In this scenario, first I had to ask the bartender to see if he had a paperclip. Luckily he had one, removed the SIM card, and inserted it into my Blackjack phone.
Then I plugged in the Blackjack into the Q1 so I can get tethering going. If you’re wondering why I’m not using Bluetooth, it’s because the Blackjack’s bluetooth stack doesn’t work right with Vista. So the only way I could get Bluetooth PAN working is with USB.
So now, since I’m connected with the Blackjack, I basically lost the camera functionality since I want to stay online. So then I pulled out the iPhone, took and picture, removed the USB keyboard, and transfered the photo using the USB cable.

That’s just too many steps to get connected.  I’m now back to XP and got Bluetooth tethering back.. but I still have to swap the SIM card, and I still can’t use my phone for voice calls while tethered. I’ve been reading that a dedicated WWAN modem gives you faster speeds than with tethering through your phone.

So for some months now, I’ve been tracking USB modem news and have been lurking the evdoinfo.com forums. Kevin’s purchase of the Sierra Wireless 875U was very helpful too.
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More HTC Shift details

September 8, 2007


More HTC Shift Details
Kaz 911 has provided more specs and
photos of the HTC Shift. It’s looking
the WM6 side will be very limited
with only mail and calendar.
I’ve said it before. Did HTC blow it
including WM6? Instead of
including a half-ass Windows Mobile
device which in turn, created a half
ass Vista device by supplying a
native 800×480 screen to accommodate
Windows Mobile’s max 640×480 resolution,
I’m beginning to realize they should have
just left out WM6, add a 1024×600
screen, and focus on optimizing Vista.
I’ll still monitor the Shift, but it seems
I’m getting more and more disappointed
as info trickles in.

Link to Specs
Link to Photos

  • 800 Mhz A110
  • 120 GB hard drive
  • $1,168.51 USD

It’s the same specs as the Vye S37. Not sure if it comes with the extended battery.


UPDATE (9/7/07):
I received an email from Conics.

  • They will not be getting English keyboards for approximately 3 weeks
  • The Japanese models comes with the 3-cell battery
  • The Japenese models are available now

Scott Hanselman just blogged Silverlight 1.0 is out.

“..Silverlight 1.0 is officially released as of 9pm PST and surprise! It will formally support Linux (screenshots) as Moonlight via a partnership with Novell in the coming months. You can see an interview with Brian Goldfarb, the Group PM, about this at Beet.tv. Wired also has the scoop. ..”

This tells me this is good news for mobile devices. With UMPC’s & MID’s leaning toward Linux, this could bring a rich internet experience to small devices.
Intel’s latest low powered A100 & A110 (Stealey) processors has caused some concern since the performance in Vista is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t look like the trend will change either since we will see even lower powered processors (Menlow) with most likely no gain in performance. So it seems Linux for small handheld devices is the way to go as demonstrated by the Nokia N800. It’ll be worth checking out how Ubuntu Mobile is progressing as well.

A Menlow device + Linux + Silverlight +  iTunes sounds like crazy talk.

Scott Hanselman’s blog Via Josh Bancroft’s tweet