Outside the Bowling Alley

September 12, 2007


Outside The Bowling Alley
Just chillin in one of the chairs
outside the bowling alley. I’m in
the shade with full brightness and
it’s easy to read. I’d like something
a lot brighter though.
Just took this
pic w/ Blackjack
and sent over bluetooth.
I’m trying not to use
the keyboard today. Just use
the tip or ink 🙂


JKK hacks the Amtek T770 UMPC

September 12, 2007

JKK has done it again.  This time he built his own stand, swapped the 2.5″ hard drive for SSD by installing a CF to IDE adapter,  and best of all, hacked in a HSDPA module.  Very impressive.

With some double sided tape, extra power from the hard drive cable, and a custom antennae, he was able to install the HSDPA module he grabbed from his external Zadacom 3G+ modem.

He’s getting around 10-15%  improved battery life with the CF card and HSDPA module.  He reports the Wifi connection using more power than the HSDPA module as one of the factors.


USB WWAN Modem Roundup

September 10, 2007

I’ve been looking into WWAN solutions for a while now and Kevin Tofel’s poll WWAN choices: what’s your preferred form factor? got me thinking again. Most likely, I will go the USB route because as it stands now, I am doubting I will be going for the HTC Shift which has internal HSDPA. If I go with the Kohjinsha SH8 or Vye S37, I will be stuck with a USB solution. I have said in the past, I’m done with tethering. I’d rather have the convenience of a dedicated WWAN connection. From one of my first posts, In Search of my Next UMPC.. Intro, I explain the reason tethering is not for me anymore.

I’m at the bowling and as you can see from the above picture, it’s a bit ridiculous to get everything set up.
In this scenario, first I had to ask the bartender to see if he had a paperclip. Luckily he had one, removed the SIM card, and inserted it into my Blackjack phone.
Then I plugged in the Blackjack into the Q1 so I can get tethering going. If you’re wondering why I’m not using Bluetooth, it’s because the Blackjack’s bluetooth stack doesn’t work right with Vista. So the only way I could get Bluetooth PAN working is with USB.
So now, since I’m connected with the Blackjack, I basically lost the camera functionality since I want to stay online. So then I pulled out the iPhone, took and picture, removed the USB keyboard, and transfered the photo using the USB cable.

That’s just too many steps to get connected.  I’m now back to XP and got Bluetooth tethering back.. but I still have to swap the SIM card, and I still can’t use my phone for voice calls while tethered. I’ve been reading that a dedicated WWAN modem gives you faster speeds than with tethering through your phone.

So for some months now, I’ve been tracking USB modem news and have been lurking the evdoinfo.com forums. Kevin’s purchase of the Sierra Wireless 875U was very helpful too.
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“Sierra Wireless on Wednesday introduced its AirCard 880U and 881U USB modems, Mac and PC compatible devices used to connect to mobile broadband networks worldwide.

The devices, which plug in to an available USB port on a Mac or Windows PC, enable users to communicate with wireless data networks using tri-band connectivity. They support High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), a data access protocol that can operate at a theoretical upload speed of up to 2Mbps and a theoretical download speed of up to 7.2Mbps. They’re also fully compatible with HSPDA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM networks.

The 880U is optimized for Europe and Asia, according to Sierra Wireless, while the 881U is intended for use in North America. Both devices also feature their own internal battery, to make sure there’s enough power support to handle peak or fringe area transmission requirements.

Both of the new USB modems feature power control, a patent-pending antenna design that Sierra Wireless claims maximizes data performance, and an architecture designed for data traffic management.

Pricing was not announced, but it’s likely to be set by cell service carriers that will offer the devices to their customers.”

Here we go. Doesn’t look like the modems are going to be drastically smaller than the 875U since they will still have a battery. Support for up to 7.2Mbps sounds nice though. Just hope AT&T at least roles out HSDPA in my area.

Via MacWorld

From Engadget:

“While they aren’t updates on the order of the refresh to the original Q1, Samsung has apparently decided that it was time to give the Q1 Ultra a bit more company, with it today announcing not one, but three new models. On the low end of the lot, the Q1U-ELXP gets a 600MHz A100 Ultra Mobile processor and a 40GB hard drive with a list price of $999. Taking things up a notch, the $1149 Q1U-XP boasts a 800MHz A110 processor and an 80GB hard drive, while the $1649 Q1U-SSDXP unit packs the same processor and a speedier but pricier 32GB NAND flash drive. From the looks of it, all the other specs remain the same as the standard Q1 Ultra, with Windows XP Tablet Edition serving as the OS. From the sound of it, all three should be available from the all usual sources immediately.”

Anyone see anything missing?

That’s right. Where’s the Q1U-CMXP? The HSDPA version of the Q1U with Windows XP.
I checked pcconnection.com and it’s still listed..

Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get some HSDPA goodness here.

DigitalTechNew via

I don’t understand Chinese, but I know this thing is small. A lot smaller than the Sierra Wireless 595U & 875u offered by Sprint & AT&T respectively.

He put up 2 youtube videos showing off the device. The second video shows him plugging it in his Sony UX-27.


I keep visiting pcconnection.com to see if the Samsung Q1U-CMXP is available. This is the Windows XP Tablet Edition version of the Q1U with HSDPA.

Alas, not yet. I really like my Q1. Especially since it sits vertically so I don’t have to worry about it overheating on my bed or spilling my beer all over the keyboard if I’m at the bar.

With Samsung shipping versions of the Q1U with XP AND HSDPA, this is very tempting. I still don’t like that they didn’t add a real track pointer stick and I really would like an all-in-one solution with a usable keyboard. But with built-in HSDPA, a gorgeous screen, and a tablet form factor with a stand (I love the stand on the Q1), I might let it pass. I may be able to deal with the thumb keyboard for light entry.