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September 9, 2007


More HTC Shift details

September 8, 2007


More HTC Shift Details
Kaz 911 has provided more specs and
photos of the HTC Shift. It’s looking
the WM6 side will be very limited
with only mail and calendar.
I’ve said it before. Did HTC blow it
including WM6? Instead of
including a half-ass Windows Mobile
device which in turn, created a half
ass Vista device by supplying a
native 800×480 screen to accommodate
Windows Mobile’s max 640×480 resolution,
I’m beginning to realize they should have
just left out WM6, add a 1024×600
screen, and focus on optimizing Vista.
I’ll still monitor the Shift, but it seems
I’m getting more and more disappointed
as info trickles in.

Link to Specs
Link to Photos

WebGuide4 now free

September 7, 2007

I personally haven’t use WebGuide4 but have heard good things about it. It’s similar to Orb, SlingBox, or Sony’s LocationFree in that you can placeshift live TV. WebGuide connects with your Media Center PC so you can schedule, view live or recorded TV straight from your browser.
The developer is moving on to the Media Center team so future development of WebGuide will be discontinued.

I’ll check it out and possibly replace Orb as a way to stream media from home.

Mobility Site via the unwired

  • 800 Mhz A110
  • 120 GB hard drive
  • $1,168.51 USD

It’s the same specs as the Vye S37. Not sure if it comes with the extended battery.


UPDATE (9/7/07):
I received an email from Conics.

  • They will not be getting English keyboards for approximately 3 weeks
  • The Japanese models comes with the 3-cell battery
  • The Japenese models are available now

Scott Hanselman just blogged Silverlight 1.0 is out.

“..Silverlight 1.0 is officially released as of 9pm PST and surprise! It will formally support Linux (screenshots) as Moonlight via a partnership with Novell in the coming months. You can see an interview with Brian Goldfarb, the Group PM, about this at Wired also has the scoop. ..”

This tells me this is good news for mobile devices. With UMPC’s & MID’s leaning toward Linux, this could bring a rich internet experience to small devices.
Intel’s latest low powered A100 & A110 (Stealey) processors has caused some concern since the performance in Vista is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t look like the trend will change either since we will see even lower powered processors (Menlow) with most likely no gain in performance. So it seems Linux for small handheld devices is the way to go as demonstrated by the Nokia N800. It’ll be worth checking out how Ubuntu Mobile is progressing as well.

A Menlow device + Linux + Silverlight +  iTunes sounds like crazy talk.

Scott Hanselman’s blog Via Josh Bancroft’s tweet

Dreading iPod News / New Stylus
I’m almost dreading reading all my
Google reader feeds and twitter posts
tomorrow since it’s iPod announcement
day. I have a feeling it’s going to be a
ooo’s and aah’s or a bitching and moaning
So what’s my prediction?
It will be like the Sansa Connect
but less use of Wifi. You will
be able to listen to internet radio
and only have the option to tag
the song to later purchase on
iTunes. No direct downloading. No
syncing through Wifi. No browser.
Just radio.
If you haven’t realized. My
handwriting is all over the place
today. This is because I’m trying
a new stylus. I picked up a
pair of Nintendo DS pens which
also included some screen protectors.
I dont know if I like this. It’s
pretty thick and it slides too
smooth on the screen. Writing on
a slippery touchscreen surface
isn’t easy. The tip is very fat too
so it’s not as precise as the
included stylus. I’ll practice more
and see if I get used to it.

Vye S18+ Review

September 3, 2007

pugleon, a member of the UMPC Portal site, posted a review of the Vye S18+ in the forums.   It is a rebranded version of the Kohjinsha SA1 series with the touchscreen.  He is very happy with it and summed it up nicely.

Everything. Light. Well constructed. Sleek looking. Good battery life. The improved keyboard. Fast enough to do what you want it to. Price is right. Logo can be covered with a nice transfer. Plenty of good sites doing made to measure high quality vinyl transfers if the logo bugs you. Looking for an SH1…. this is the one to get”

Check out the post.  He put up some photos and a youtube video of the device.